Fall/Winter Makeup Colors: 5 Tips For Buying New Lipstick Shades

A new season means you will likely be eyeing a new lipstick at the beauty counter. We recently picked up a few new shades ourselves, and after over an hour of decision-making, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

Assess what you have first. Before you even leave home and head to shop, take a little time to lay out your lip shades. You'll likely notice a pattern of what colors you take a liking to best.

Know what you want. Once you get to your makeup store destination, you'll feel like a kid in a candy store and want everything you see. Don't get detoured by the displays and endless shades. Have an idea of what you personally need for your collection beforehand.

Pick out everything and try everything. Meaning, choose what you want to try first, no matter how many you want to sample, and then go for it. Avoid buying a shade you only put on your hand, as it often leads to buyer's remorse.

Make sure all the lipsticks are clean. This one should go without saying, but in case your tempted to try on a sample lipstick without the proper sanitization first, think again! Better to be safe than sorry with a cold! Have the staff douse the lipstick in alcohol first.

Ask for a professional opinion. Even if you're trying on lipsticks with a friend that knows your style well, always seek the advice of the beauty pro behind the counter. Their recommendations to go a shade lighter or darker can make a big difference.

Bought any new lipstick shades lately? Tell us with a note below!

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