Singer Taylor Swift has released an interactive app that allows fans to immerse into the world she created for the video of her song "Blank Space," Time reports.

The app turns the video into a game where users get to tour the Oheka Castle, the mansion featured in the video, while the song plays in the background. Users can either tour the estate with Swift and her love interest in the video or go around without them.

There are 41 hidden items in the app which users can unlock, according to Rolling Stone. Users are encouraged to share the clues on social media to foster interaction amongst fans. Personal tidbits about the pop superstar are also scattered around the virtual house such as photos from when she was younger and a record by her grandma, Marjorie Finlay.

The app uses a mobile device's accelerometer, which allows viewers to get a 360-degree of the six rooms.Items and characters related to the video like a butler and a portrait painter can also be seen while taking a tour around the virtual mansion.

Joseph Kahn, the director of the video and the app, described the process he used in filming in an interview with Mashable.

"The app is a cross between theater, a music video and a video game," he explained. "I had to direct it more like a stage show than a music video so the audience can choose any way they want to look; we had to create reasons for them to turn their head or look up or look down."

The app made in partnership with RadicalMedia and sponsored by American Express is available for free for iOS and Android devices. It can be played without Internet connection. Apart from the interactive game, the app also features behind-the-scenes footage of the "Blank Space" video and links to Swift's tour schedules and other concerts sponsored by AmEx.