Hip Hop artist Big Sean has released the music video for his controversial single "I Don't F-k With You" or "IDFWU," reports Entertainment Weekly.

The video of Big Sean's "IDFWU" song features his mentor Kanye West as a coach of a football team, in which he is a part of.

The rapper expressed his excitement about the song in an interview with MTV during the making of the video.

"I feel like this song is an athem. I was in the studio with Mustard. We recorded it so long ago that it had time to get worked on," Sean explained. "[Kanye] came in and did his part. Key Wayne came in and added what he added. DJ Dahi added what he added."

"I'm a lucky man because all the producers on this song, it's hard for people to get one beat from them, and I got one beat with all of them on it. I think it made it special," he continued.

The song, along with three others, was released in September, following the news the rapper signed with Jay Z's Roc Nation. The single started garnering attention due to its lyrics, which some speculated were directed at the rapper's former flame "Glee" star Naya Rivera.

Sean made it clear, however, that the song is not about his ex-fiancee in an interview with Ryan Seacrest at "On Air with Ryan Seacrest."

"I was just honestly putting myself in a perspective, man," he said. "As an artist, you just have to do that sometimes. It's funny how records, sometimes they relate to you more later on, sometimes they don't. Obviously it kind of fits my situation."

Big Sean later came out with a photo editor which bears the same name as the single, according to Vibe.

The app can be accessed via the rapper's official website. People can upload photos of themselves with those they don't associate with anymore and blur their faces out or put a drawing over them.