This week we honor classic beauty, Kirsty Alley.

Who doesn't love this American-born actress for her roles as well as her personality? Having starred on the hit TV show series Cheers and th beloved cinema film Look Who's Talking, this Emmy Award-winning star is a well known beauty among Tinseltown.

It's also no secret Alley has struggled with her weight. However, after going up and down in size, the starlet has stabilized her waistline and remains a source of both fitness and beauty inspiration to many fans.

Alley reveals the key to losing weight is to really understand and pay attention to your body. "I used to be able to eat whatever I wanted in huge quantities, but that all changed about when I turned 53," Alley said in an interview.

"What works for me now is to eat 90 percent organic. Most days I eat no sugar and very little dairy. If I work out hard for an hour a day, that keeps my metabolism boosted and I can eat more."

Weight issues aside, there's no denying Kirsty Alley is a beautiful woman. And a great face starts with a great canvas, which this actress is all to familiar with. When asked what she get compliments on the most, the star says it's always her skin.

"I think part of it is genetic and part is that I don't use soap or harsh chemicals on my face," Alley explained. "I use organic coconut oil to take my makeup off, especially after filming. It's amazing, cheap and it emulsifies your makeup in two seconds. It doesn't burn your eyes, either."

And wanna know Kirsty's ultimate beauty secret? It's nothing more than just some good old fashioned rest and relaxation. 

"I make a concerted effort to have eight hours of sleep every night and, in an ideal world, I have nine," Alley revealed. "Also, what I've learned is if you're spiritually and mentally happy, you will look awesome no matter what."