Never deny the power of the pony! With the busy holiday season getting under way, you'll need a stylish yet functional hairstyle to get through your shopping and party planning.

We know ponytails are the ideal go-to style for women as they can be styled up or down, are fast and simple to do, and look great on 2nd day hair.  

Jenny Balding, Cutler/Redken Stylist recently shared one of her favorite ponytail styles, the sleek, low textured ponytail.  

"This look is easy to do yourself and doesn't take long with a little 'know how' - it immediately gives you the glam effect with minimal effort.  The texture in the ponytail is key to this look as it creates a point of difference from just an ordinary low ponytail."

Check out the super simple way to get the look:

Start with day old hair as this will be easier to manage and look better.

Create a low side part on whichever side suits your face shape best. Mist hair with a light spray all over to smooth any flyaway strands and smooth down.

Gather your hair at the nape and sweep into low ponytail and tie making sure to keep the top area really smooth and sleek. Take a small piece of hair from the under section of the ponytail and wrap around the base and pin. I love Cutler Flyaway Stick ($23) to use over the part and crown to create a sleek, beautiful sheen to hair.

Using a mini crimper, take small sections of the ponytail and crimp each section. Mist a light hairspray on each section to give a little hold.

Brush hair through with boar bristle flat brush to create the perfect juxtaposition of the two textures - the sleek top and the textured, crimped tail.

Easy and done! Is the low ponytail one of your favorite go-to looks? Tell us with a note below!