Luscious locks move over, bald is the new sexy!

With so many stars going hairless, bald has never looked so good.  For those of us who dare to bare all or go for a fresh and funky partial shaved look (a la Natalie Dormer or Demi Lovato), there are a couple things you should know.

Skin on your head is more sensitive than most other areas and needs to be properly taken care of.  The thin skin beneath your hair is more prone to nicks and irritation and receives more direct sunlight so it must be protected.

Thinking of following in Natalie's footsteps? Consider Bee Bald. This line is skin care for hairless hotties to protect your head, with SPF 30 for sun protection. The five-product line includes shaving cream, scrub, cleanser, moisturizer, and soothing balm.  Made with bee pollen, Bee Bald will help prevent acne, heal nicks and cuts, rejuvenate skin, and even prevents aging.

"The amino acids in Bee Pollen sooth skin irritations, protect the skin, and aid in the regeneration of cells. Due to its high content of Nucleic Acids (the building blocks for RNA/DNA) Bee Pollen prevents premature aging of cells and stimulates growth of new cells," explained founder of the brand Dennis Fisher. 

Bee Bald, the brain child of Fisher, offers the first ever, complete skin care line for the face and head. "The sensitive, thin skin on the top of the head needs special care; Bee Bald uses nature's own ingredients to both battle and win the war on harsh weather, ingrown hairs, and irritation," he said.

"Contrary to popular belief, baldness can be inherited from either or even both the maternal or paternal side of your family," Fisher explained. "40% of women will suffer from genetic baldness or significant thinning of the hair over the course of their life." 

Bee Bald uses natural ingredients such as honey, bee pollen, licorice root, fruit extract, and vitamins to pamper men's heads and faces. Without harmful irritants, being bald has never looked so good.

"Whether you shave, wax, or are naturally hair-challenged, this product will do wonders for your noggin," Fisher said. "Scientifically formulated to nurture the sensitive scalp skin, Bee Bald brings you shaving cream, exfoliating scrub, wash, post shave healing balm, lotion, and refreshing wipes to take care of all your grooming needs."

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