Virtual Nail Salon Manicures: ModiFace Launches New Virtual Nail Try-On App for iOS and Android

Ready for a cool new nail app?

Virtual Nail Salon for iOS and Android devices allows users to upload a photo of their hand and virtually try on nail polish shades from actual brands.  Developed by the makers of leading virtual beauty apps, Virtual Nail Salon gives users the ability to realistically see how shades look on their own nails. 

In addition, users can also create their own custom shades by drawing or by using photos from their album, create multi-shade effects using over 20 unique templates, try on nail jewels and accessories, and try on rings.

"We created Virtual Nail Salon to be the most comprehensive mobile nail application, with specific focus on realism in trying on real-life products," said Miriam Pettinen, senior director of mobile strategy at ModiFace. 

"Virtual Nail Salon goes far beyond virtual nail try-on, it allows users to create unique nail art and share their results on social media.  It enables a level of detail and customization that has never been seen in a mobile application - with accessories, custom nail creation, multi-polish templates, and much more.  It is essentially a complete Virtual Nail Salon in your pocket."

Another unique feature of Virtual Nail Salon is a Shade Match functionality that allows users to snap a photo of any object - a flower, a painting, or even an actual nail shade in a store - and search Virtual Nail Salon's 500 nail polish shades to find the closest matching shades in color and texture to the photo. 

"Shade Match enables users to quickly find the shade they want to virtually try on or buy by taking photos of real life objects, continued Pettinen."  "It adds a significant additional layer of utility and entertainment for our users by connecting the app to physical objects and colors they see in real life."

All of the features of Virtual Nail Salon are available for free on iOS and Android devices.  Additional nail polish shades, and a subset of templates, jewels, and rings, are available in the premium version of the app for a one-time fee of $2.99.

To download Virtual Nail Salon for iOS, click here

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