Amanda Bynes is apparently in no condition to take care of herself. That's what the judge who sent out an order for her extended psychiatric hold thinks.

After being put on psychiatric hold for 72 hours on Oct. 10 for spreading on Twitter that she was sexually assaulted by her father, Amanda Bynes is now facing another month at the mental facility after a judge ruled that she's still "very ill" and is "in no shape to care for herself," Us Weekly has learned.

The former Nickelodeon star is currently staying in a Pasadena, Calif., psychiatric facility, where she has been receiving treatment for 17 days now.

Sources told TMZ that the parents of the 28-year-old "Easy A" actress initially planned on seeking for conservatorship over her but had a change of heart last minute, knowing that controlling their daughter is too Herculean of a job.

Before she was subjected to the mental facility, Amanda was spotted biking around New York City and attending a number of parties solo.

Earlier this month, Bynes' doctors asked the court for an LPS Hold that would allow them to confine the actress in a secure facility while giving her the best treatment for up to 12 months.

In one of her encounters with the paparazzi upon landing on LAX, the "Sydney White" star even remarked, "I want to be like Marilyn Monroe one day...I actually feel like an father should be put in jail for a very long time."

In September, Bynes got her second DUI case and was also accused of shoplifting.

The previous year, she spent six months in a rehab facility after a 5150 involuntary psychiatric hold for her erratic behavior, such as starting a small fire in a driveway and dousing her dog with gasoline, reports People.

However, the court order for her psychiatric hold already expired last month, and this explains why her doctors have asked for a new one.

As per documents obtained by the media, Amanda Bynes allegedly feels betrayed by her parents Rick and Lynn Bynes after they arranged for her involuntary commitment to a California hospital last year, noted Daily Mail.

An insider said that the former child star is furious with her parents for tricking her into getting treatment, adding that their relationship may have been "destroyed forever."