'American Horror Story: Freak Show' Star Angela Bassett Talks About Her Character Desiree Dupree And Why She Seems To Be So Confident Compared To Other Freak Show Members

Angela Bassett's Desiree Dupree was introduced in the second episode of "American Horror Story: Freak Show." Desiree has "three titties, proper girl parts, and a ding-a-ling" (the character's own words). And though a little of her backstory was already revealed during the previous episodes, Bassett teased that fans will learn something about Desiree that the character herself has not known before.

When asked by Huffington Post if viewers will know more about how Desiree discovered that she is a "full-blown hermaphrodite," Bassett, 56, answered: "Yes, yes. That's going to come out because she's going to go see a doctor and she's going to find out something about herself that she hasn't known."

When Desiree said that she has a "ding-a-ling," some viewers jumped to the conclusion that she has a penis. But in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, series' co-creator Ryan Murphy hinted that her "ding-a-ling" might be something else.

"No. I mean is it a penis?" Murphy said. "She says it's a ding-a-ling but what does that mean to somebody. You gotta keep watching for that one. But freak shows have a history of loving that archetype."

As viewers of the show might notice, Desiree seems to be more confident than the rest of the Freak Show members, and that is because she has already embraced herself, according to the Oscar-nominated actress.

"She just accepted who she was," Bassett told Huffington Post of her character. "Stares and whispers, that's just a part of being different. I think with Desiree, and what I've noticed with one of my other castmates, is that I know you're gonna talk so instead of waiting for you to talk I'm gonna come out big, bold, brazen and act assured so you can't hurt me. "

"Some of the crew and I have gone to see one of our cast members, Mat Fraser, do burlesque," she shared. "He also does burlesque and he's a taekwondo black belt, and he sings. He's amazing! He just comes out at you, just bold and fun. He kind of calms you down -- here, stare, you're invited to."

But even though Desiree has already accepted what she truly is, it does not mean that she is by now free of emotional baggage.

"She was rejected by her mother," Bassett told The Hollywood Reporter of Desiree. "Her mother had a great deal of shame concerning Desiree's existence. So I think there's a lot of deep-rooted sadness in the things Desiree has had to do just to survive hand-to-mouth."

"It comes out of a deep sense of shame - she could either fall deeply into it, or it puts a ramrod in your back and forces you to stand straighter and really kick ass," she added. "You embrace it, you don't hide in the shadows, and I think that's what she does."

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