Get The Halloween Look: How To Create Spooky Skull Makeup Tutorial

Want something edgy that gets all the heads turning and eyes on you for Halloween? Look no further than the skull!

"This is a classic! You can't go wrong with a skull look for Halloween," said professional makeup artist Stephanie Gomez.

"For that last minute party you got invited to, just wear all black and let your makeup do the talking," the pro suggested. Check out the easy to follow steps Gomez gave us for this bone chilling cool look:

So Stephanie, is the skull makeup look strictly for makeup professionals?  

The skull makeup is for everyone! Just be sure to take your time with the details that's what makes it look professional. 

What are the must have items if you plan to create this for Halloween? 
You'll need a black waterproof eyeliner pencil to draw the skull, black and white face paint, along with any other additional color you want to add to the skull.

Any specific product recommendations to try?

I recommend the MAC Chromacakes ($26, each). Since they are a paste you have to activate them with water. They will dry matte and last all night since the formulas is water resistant. Then you'll need a smudge brush to create shadows, as well as translucent powder.

How do you prep the skin for a full face of paint?

To keep the skin prepped I recommend the Hydrating Primer from Smashbox ($29) because it hydrates the skin. It's for all skin types and it makes the makeup stay in place. 

How and where should we start to apply the paint? Light colors first or dark colors first? 

Draw the skull on the face with the black eyeliner. Fill in with black around the eyes and nose, the hallow of the cheek bones.

Everything else fill in with the white paint. Set the skull it with a translucent powder. Start with the details and take your time drawing the teeth.

Tomorrow Stephanie offers up the biggest mistakes to avoid when creating skull makeup and how to make the look last all night long!

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