Lady Gaga stepped out in Manchester on Monday with a hairstyle quite similar to a throwback worn by Beyonce, a.k.a  the "micro bang." Could this be the new trend in fringe? 

Chosen by Refinery29 as the 'Best Bang Trim' in Chicago, we tapped celebrity hairstylist and owner of George the salon Chicago, George Gonzalez, to dish on all things short-hair-don't-care. 

Check out what the hair care guru had to tell us about what to do if you're thinking of hiking up your tresses to this super short bang length:

"The micro bang is a bold statement cut and the right amount of texture is key to pull them off," explained Gonzalez.

The expert says there are a few elements to consider before you take the plunge. "If your hairline is dense, a bang like this can look fantastic," he noted.

"With a choppy, short fringe, you also can't ignore natural cowlicks. If a client has too many, they should consider the amount of work they will need to do daily to smooth them out, the guru warned. "Plus, do you feel comfortable accentuating features like your forehead and eyebrows?"

Now for the do's and don'ts:

Do bring pictures just in case you cannot find what you want in the salon magazines.

Don't go too short. "It is best to start gradually cutting. Your stylist can always take more off," Gonzalez said. 

Do sit and discuss your hair before you get sent back to get shampooed.  "Make sure your stylist connects with you and understands your needs" the expert explained.

Don't be afraid to say "no" that's not what I mean. "It is a stylist's responsibility to understand your language and what you are describing when it comes to your hair, especially for a drastic cut like this." Gonzalez stressed. 

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