Funnyman Jim Carrey appeared on NBC's "Saturday Night Live" Saturday to host its Halloween-themed episode where he spoofed celebrities, dished out one-liners and showed off his theatrical dance skills, E! News reported.

Carrey started off his stint for "Saturday Night Live" in a red robe with long horns and claimed he was the devilish version of Elvis Presley, or Hellvis. After a monologue filled with references to Elvis and pie, Carrey then burst into a song about his love for pecan pie, in which he was accompanied by a choir wearing red robes and horns.

Carrey also pulled out spoofs and took a dig on Matthew McConaughey and his Lincoln ads while mimicking the actor's Texas accent. He parodied the Allstate auto insurance commercials with Kenan Thompson, and played a zombie apocalypse survivor in a nod to television series "The Walking Dead."

McConaughey and people from "The Walking Dead" have yet to respond to the parodies, but the Lincoln Motor Company posted on Twitter and wrote that "We can take a joke," while also taking time to promote its new 2015 SUV model.

Carrey and comedienne Kate McKinnon teamed up for an office costume skit and had a dance-off that led them all over the set, according to US Weekly.

The duo dressed in nude-colored leotards similar to the music video for Sia's song "Chandelier" and danced across the stage, into the audience, past show creator Lorne Michaels and over to musical guest Iggy Azalea, who pulled off her hoodie to reveal a similar costume before she danced along.

The Australian rapper was the musical guest for the week and performed a medley of her songs "Fancy" and "Black Widow," and debuted her new song, "Beg for It."

Carrey also had a "Carrey Family Reunion," where cast members appeared as his relatives, People Magazine stated.

Taran Killam, Bobby Moynihan and more appeared dressed as some of the characters Carrey played in past films, such as The Mask, The Riddler, Ace Ventura and more.

Actor Jeff Daniels also made a cameo and joined the family reunion dressed as Lloyd Christmas.

The episode marks Carrey's third time hosting for "Saturday Night Live" in 18 years. The episode aired three weeks before the release of Carrey and Daniels' new film "Dumb and Dumber To," the sequel to the 1994 comedy film.

On the next episode of "Saturday Night Live", Chris Rock will hosting, while Prince will be performing as the musical guest.