Social Media Site Mashfeed Shares Halloween's Scariest Make-up Ideas & Tutorial Tips

Halloween is fast approaching and it's time to start plotting your perfect costume. The hunt for the scariest look can be daunting, but this year social media curation tool Mashfeed has found the ultimate Halloween makeup tutorials and has put them all together under one thoughtful and easy to navigate channel.

From Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube, users have a one-stop-shop for scary make-up ideas and how to achieve these spooky looks. Check out the tips and personal favorite looks from Mashfeed founder Adam Mashaal: 

So Adam, what are the most popular Halloween makeup ideas on Mashfeed?

This collection on Mashfeed is one of my favorites. Since it is basically pulling in all posts from Instagram and YouTube related to Halloween costume makeup, the makeup ideas are endless.

I'd have to say that the most popular Halloween makeup ideas that come up in this collection are sugar skulls and skeletons. There's also no shortage of extreme gore, so consider yourself warned!

What level of difficulty would you rank these looks? OK for beginners?

There's really something for everyone. Some of the most common ideas are pretty simple, like a doll face with heart-shaped lips, though many of the concepts are definitely better suited for an experienced makeup artist.

The scariest look on Mashfeed would probably be...

I'd say it's a tie between the girl with her mouth stapled open at the corners and someone unzipping their face.

Tips on picking a Halloween makeup tutorial?

The posts in this Mashfeed collection vary from quick snapshots of the finished look to full-length YouTube tutorials. For an experienced makeup artist, a simple photo may be all the inspiration you need for the perfect look.

If you're more of a novice, I'd recommend scrolling through to find videos or photos with step-by-step instructions in the caption to give you some more guidance.

Personal favorite Halloween looks?

My personal favorite is a well-executed sugar skull, or calavera.

Any additional tips and Halloween makeup tricks?

First and foremost, you should love the idea and be ready to rock it all night long. If you go with a more intricate look, I would definitely recommend doing a trial on yourself a few nights in advance for some practice. Otherwise, just have fun with it! 

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