Days before Taylor Swift's album "1989" hits stores on Oct. 27, the album was leaked online and her fans took to Twitter to condemn it.

For Taylor Fans Forever, "Those who leak & or listen to 1989 seriously have no respect. Tay has worked so hard on this for 2 years #WaitUntilOctober27."

"The people who listened to the 1989 leak, I'm really sorry but it's not my fault that I'm choosing to respect Taylor's album and hard work," a Twitter user named 1989 wrote.

Another fan under the name 3 days//1989 wrote, "if you've listened to the 1989 leak, i will unfollow and block you. i'm sorry, but i have no respect for people who betray taylor."

The first song to be leaked online from the "1989" album was titled "Blank Space," which was uploaded on YouTube, but Swift's label Big Machine Records had it taken down within hours, according to E! News.

It was found out that the album was apparently leaked by hackers from France or a French-speaking area considering that the song titles in the leaked album were replaced by numbered "pistes," which is French for "tracks," reports Vulture.

Moreover, the album showed up in iTunes at "Album inconnu," which is means "unknown album" in French, and featured 19 tracks, which were exclusively created for Target, instead of the 13 official main tracks included in "1989."

Like her fourth studio album "Red," which was released in 2012, "1989" will have an exclusive release in Target stores with three bonus tracks, "Wonderland," "You R in Love" and "New Romance" as well as three songwriting voice memos featuring Swift's songwriting process.

Swift is set to perform with Ariana Grande and her fellow "The Voice" coach Pharrell Williams at the We Can Survive Concert in Hollywood prior to the official release of "1989." She will also have her fourth tour in 2015 titled the "Fearless Tour," Forbes reported.