Taylor Swift Reveals Her Biggest Fear On 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show' [WATCH]

Taylor Swift, 24, said on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" Monday that her biggest fear is being framed for a murder, Contact Music reported.

Swift told Ellen DeGeneres that being framed for a crime she hasn't committed is her worst nightmare since she believes that many people could accuse her, adding that she wouldn't survive in jail.

She also explained that she could sit in her house with her cats all day long and somehow there could still be an article about her buying a house in a place she has never been to or dating a guy she has never met.

The pop star appeared on the show to promote her album "1984" and during her interview, she also admitted of being scared of sea urchins.

DeGeneres began to describe the sea critters to the viewers, saying that they sit at the bottom of the ocean minding their own business.

"They're like a grenade. They're sitting there waiting to completely injure you," Swift said.

"You could lose your foot. You could lose your hand. You could lose your hand trying to get it off your foot," she added, Music Times reported.

The talk show host also asked the singer about her time on "The Voice" as a mentor, with Swift replying that spending time with her fellow coaches is fun.

She added that she learned a lot about Gwen Stefani, Pharrell Williams, Blake Shelton and Adam Levine in the show.

During the interview in the talk show, Swift said that Levine's only weakness is Broadway tunes.

She joked that Levine can be rendered helpless on the floor by anyone who sing songs from "Rent," Daily News reported.

Apart from promoting her album and gushing about her fears, Swift also performed her new single "Out of the Woods."

The Grammy-winning artist's "1984" album will be followed by another album entitled, "1989," which is set to be released Monday.

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