Love using natural oils, but want to maximize the benefits? Consider combining two effective formulas to create the ultimate skin, hair, and nails beauty booster. Check out these recommended combinations, courtesy of Oil Essentials. Buy them premade from the brand, or make your very own!

Stimulate. Combine Neroli and Avocado. This combination helps to balance natural oil production and minimize pores. These two together helps relieve muscle tension and boost circulation to achieve a radiant glow. It also promotes hair growth, a healthy scalp, as well as stimulates nail growth, while softening cuticles & energizing tired feet.

Prevent. Combine Sweet Almond and Macadamia. Together, these two help fight environmental cell damage and balance skin tone. The combination helps retain elasticity, keeps skin youthfully supple, and for hair, it tames frizz and prevents color from fading. These two also keep nail beds moisturized and soften rough heels.

Revitalize. Combine Omega 3, 6, 9, and Evening Primrose. Together, these two help increase firmness and decrease environmental inflammation. The combo hydrates skin for a healthy glow, protects hair against breakage, enhances natural shine, and delivers essential nutrients to nails, hands, and feet.

Soothe. Combine Lavender and Rose Hip Oils. These two help fuel collagen production to improve skin texture and feel. This dynamic duo reduces the appearance of scars and soothes dry, itchy skin. Together they provide dandruff relief to deliver smooth shine and body. This mix is also a natural antiseptic that helps fight foot odor and prevent nail peeling too.

Nourish. Combine Seabuckthorn Berry and Borage Oils. This combination helps soften lines and wrinkles with powerful antioxidants and lightens the appearance of dark spots. You can also reduce the effect of UV-ray damage caused by free radicals while toning & firming. Use this combo to hydrate damaged hair and nourish dry scalp.

Replenish. Combine Argan and Wheat Germ. These two help prevent breakouts and reduce redness caused by inflammation. For hair you can also work it in to seal split ends and replenish scaly, dry scalp. To boost your manicure, use it to replenish lost moisture to cuticles.

Which combo is your personal fave? Tell us with a not below!