Costume Ideas: The Do's & Dont's of Halloween Face Paint

Aside from sports games, Halloween is really the only other time we can get a little wild and paint our faces.

Whether you're planning to be a pale zombie, green witch, glittery fantasy, or anything in between, here are a few tips we've tried out for our own upcoming Halloween painted looks:

Do a Test Trial. Don't wait until Halloween to try out your face paint. In the store, try a sample of various shades on your hand, and once you're home, do a mock makeup attempt so you're sure the color works well.

Don't Break the Bank. Halloween comes once a year, so unless you're Heidi Klum and have the big bucks to go all out, keep your products simple and affordable.

Do Look for a YouTube Tutorial. Social media makes it so easy to look for inspiration and video how-to's. Having a step-by-step visual handy can be a lifesaver and calm your makeup fears.

Don't Bite Off More Than You Can Chew. Choose a look and makeup tutorial that matches your skill level. If you're a beginner, avoid anything too elaborate or overly complicated.

Do Ensure Your Face is Clean. Start your look with a blank canvas. Wash off your makeup from work and the regular day, and don't over saturate with too much moisturizer so the paint takes to skin well.

Don't Paint With Just One Color. Create dimension and be sure to get two shades of the color you plan to use as the base, one lighter and one darker so you can highlight and contour.

Do Let The Paint Dry. Be patient in creating your look. In between layers of paint, let your face dry so you can gage what works best for the next step.

Don't Muddy The Colors. Avoid being heavy handed with too many components. Your face is already painted, so choose wisely between eye makeup, lips, and blush.

Do Have Fun. Happy Halloween!

Ready, set, paint!

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