Viewers of "The Walking Dead" who also follow the comics on which the show is based might already notice some similarities between Carol's storyline in the TV adaptation and that of Andrea's in the printed material. But does this mean that Melissa McBride's character is slowly becoming the new Andrea in the AMC zombie drama?

In the comics, Andrea, played by Laurie Holden on the series, is still alive and becomes one of the leaders within the group of survivors. She, with Dale, adopts brothers Ben and Billy after their father died. AMC remixed this story during the show's Season 4 with Lizzie and Mika, with Carol becoming a de facto mother to the girls after their dad's death.

However, despite the similarities in storylines, showrunner Scott M. Gimple thinks that AMC's Carol and the comics' Andrea are two different characters.

"In the remix approach, there are aspects of a few characters that I think are going to be divvied up," Gimple told The Hollywood Reporter. "We have characters who aren't there anymore and other characters in general. I can already see some of that. There's something about the Andrea of the comic; it isn't simply strength. Andrea in the comic has such an interesting evolution. There was a certain brashness and cockiness that she had. We've seen her mature. I think Carol's journey is different because there's never been that cockiness."

"Carol started out with an absence of strength in the face of Ed, and now she's easily one of the strongest characters," he explained. "Finding out the responsibility for that strength - I don't mean to go all Stan Lee [and his memorable expression 'with great power comes great responsibility'] - but I see her very different than the comic book Andrea other than the fact that she's a good shot."

Comics creator Robert Kirkman agreed to Gimple, saying "Carol is her own unique character."

"It would be a disservice to Melissa McBride to say she's evolved into the Carol from comics," added Kirkman. "The Carol in the TV show is a wholly original creation that we'll continue to explore on the show to great effect. Everyone in writers' room loves that character, and we're thrilled with what Melissa has brought to the table. She has definitely become a character that is one to watch, and there's some really exciting stuff ahead for her."

In an interview with, McBride said that she is glad that her character is not a carbon copy of its comic book counterpart.

"I like the way it's turned out," the actress said. "I'm happy that it went in a bit of a different direction. To whatever I owe the credit, I'm not sure."

On Oct. 12, McBride got teary-eyed at the show's New York Comic Con panel while recalling how her character has transformed from a meek, abused wife to a strong, independent survivor on the realm of the post-apocalyptic drama.

"It's been the time of my life," she said of her experience of portraying Carol, Yahoo TV reported.