Throwback Thursday: Classic Beauty, Margaret Hamilton

This week, in honor of our countdown to Halloween we had to pay homage to the original bad girl.

Actress Margaret Hamilton, a warm and very kind woman is the talent who played the iconic classic Wicked Witch of the West. Now sure many don't exactly think of this infamously famous villain as a beauty, but there is something alluring and beautifully sinister about her!

Now the actress behind the green paint was a Cleveland native who was big on giving to children's charities and advocating for animals, How ironic that someone so sweet also holds the top #4 spot for 50 Best Movie Villains of All Time with the American Film Institute.

So what is it about the Wicked Witch of the West that makes her a classic throwback? Well there's no denying this Wizard of Oz rebel was a certified diva! What diva doesn't love a good pair of shoes? Let alone a stunning pair of gorgeous ruby slippers? What throwback diva wouldn't do anything she could to get her hands on them!? We also suspect the Wicked Witch to be a nail junkie. Just take a look at those talons!

Plus, we gotta give Hamilton props for having the guts to accept a role that required the witch "look ugly." Few know this, but Hamilton wasn't the original choice for the role. Actress Gale Sondergaard reportedly turned the part down when she realized the glam makeup had been changed in exchange for a more scary look.

Hamilton was also a serious trooper i being able to deal with the treacherous movie set. The actress suffered serious second and third degree burns on her face and hands during the scene where she leaves Munchkinland. She was out of commission for six weeks, and still returned to finish her performance!

And talk about beauty is pain! Multiple reports detail the green face makeup Hamilton had to wear, which not only left her skin with a tinge of the color afterwards, but due to its copper base, stung the actress's already fragile skin due to her healing burns. The makeup had to be removed with alcohol. Ouch!

If you're looking for a classic Halloween costume, you can't get any more classic than this. The witch is the essential look for Halloween. It screams diva, it screams naughty, and there's no one badder than this original spellbinding queen!

Check out the fun Halloween makeup tutorial below and let us know what you think!

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