10 Basic Manicure & Nail Art Ideas That Can Also Work For Halloween Costumes

Wanna get festive for Halloween, but don't feel like breaking the bank with an outrageous manicure you're just gonna have to change once the festivities are over the next day? Consider re-purposing some of the manicure classics we rock all the time!

Check out this list of 10 basic nail ideas and pick the one that goes best with your costume. That way once Halloween is over, you have nails that don't need an overhaul to fit in. Easy and done!

Red. The sexiest color can also be the most sinister. You can take a simple set of classic red nails and have them become the bloody new addition to a gory costume. 

Black. We abosolutely love a basic black manicure. There's just something beautifully dark about the deepest nail color shade you can opt for.

Royal Hues. Dark sapphires and gorgeous emerald greens are a great alternative to black and add a sophisticated flair to a costume ready to make a statement.

Glow in the Dark. Wear a basic color mani to work by day, and have it transform Halloween night by lighting up your hands some kind of Halloween wonderful!

Ombre. Who doesn't love the effect of this cool DIY design? Pretty much any color combo can work, so pair the two shades that work best.

Minimalist Nail Art. Simple nail art lets you customize your manicure right to your costume. Get linear with a simple verticle or horizontal design.

Glitter. Always festive, fun, and flirty, you can't go wrong with glitter! 

Neon. Bright and cheery, break out your spring and summer hues for that one night in October. Consider it a throwback manicure to warmer months gone by. 

Creative French. Instead of the classic colors, opt for a fun twist to match your costume.  Your Halloween nails will simply be super chic after the night is through.

Accent Nail. Probably the easiest to change, make one nail the Halloween standout, so changing it is super easy afterwards

Pick a manicre plan for Halloween? Tel us with a note below!

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