Beauty Horror Stories: Embarrassing Nightmare Blunders & How To Avoid Them

Halloween might be scary, but there's nothing more terrifying than some of the most annoying, pesky beauty blunders happening when you least expect it.

These horrifying moments can however be alleviated with these trusty lifesavers. Here's how to keep these spooky scenes from creeping up on you:

Nosy Surprises. So it happens to the best if us. Having a nose with an unwanted friend inside can be one of the most embarrassing beauty blunders there is! Even keeping a compact micro handy doesn't always keep you booger free.

The best way to avoid this is to get a nose hair trimmer. Used about once a month, it'll keep the hairs in your nose short and well groomed, leaving little for these nosy little surprises to hang onto. Problem solved!

Acrylic coming off nails. We have a few nail junkies in our office who wear acrylics and it's just the worse when you're in between fillings and your nail becomes slightly loose atop the nail bed.

Not only is this painful, but makes for an unsightly manicure. Solution? Keep a small container of nail glue handy in your makeup bag. It'll put the acrylic back in place and save you from getting your nails done earlier than planned.

Pantyhose Run. Fall is here and it's time to start rocking your skirts with stylish stockings to keep legs warm. But don't you just hate it when you have that unexpected pantyhose run that kills the entire look of outfit?

Solution? always carry a bottle of clear nail polish. Use the formula right where the run ends to help seal it in place and keep it from getting any worse until you can change into a completely new pair.

Raccoon Eyes. You think you're rocking the sickest smoky eyes you've ever created, only to realize once you go to the bathroom that you look like a raccoon or someone whose been crying their eyes out.

Solution? We can't stress enough the need to curl your lashes. It'll keep the hairs curved up and less likely to drop mascara on your face. What's more, try and be more patient in between applications, allowing the formula to dry so it doesn't run everywhere.

Any other terrifying beauty blunders got you screaming like its Halloween? Tell us with a note below!

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