Sometimes as beauty junkies, we can be guilted into thinking that our love for beauty products is overindulgent or even pointless. But new research can prove our haters wrong! 

Data Monitor Consumer reports that personal care products can help to relieve stress and truly soothe the senses.

With our busy lives and responsibilities, stress is the second biggest health issue around the world, with 45% of the global population. Surprisingly to many naysayers, beauty products can be a source of release for those of us in desperate need of de-stressing.

If you consider yourself among those who need their personal care products to help decompress, you're not alone. Turns out a recent study shows that women expressed a higher concern about stress than men (52% versus 39%).

So what types of products really get women into that me-time mood the most? Turns out it's the gateway to our tummies.

"Research has provided scientific evidence to show that sweet foods such as desserts, chocolate, candy are women's choice of 'comfort food' when stress kicks in, suggesting a positive effect of sweet food on stress relief for this gender group," reports ???.

No wonder some of our favorite beauty items are scented to mimic our favorite foods! And the innovations keep coming.

"The most interesting ones are crème brulee perfume (Taiwan), mint chocolate toothpaste (USA), and white chocolate nail polish remover (France, UK)," the reporter explained.

According to the study, there are three major aroma therapeutic categories:

- Uncommon fruits, flowers or spices, preferably with a foreign origin, such as caju (the fruit of the cashew tree) & lime body wash (UK).

- Scents inspired by a far-distant holiday destination and/or a foreign culture, like shower oil with Indian rose & sweet almond oil, with reference to "Ayurveda" treatment, a Hindu philosophy based on restoring inner harmony cleaning body and soul (Spain).

- And scents associated with a relaxation-related metaphor like "harmony" anti-perspirant & deodorant, containing "a calming and sophisticated fragrance with a masculine mix of citrus, pepper and ginger" (USA).

See your favorite way to escape and de-stress among these? Tell us with a note below!