Ginnifer Goodwin's husband Josh Dallas recently revealed which television show he would choose if he could on one other than "Once Upon a Time."

"'Games Of Thrones," I'd love to be on that. "True Detective" when it was on, but of course it's coming back so we can call that current. There's so many. I loved "Breaking Bad" but that's no longer on. I never watched, I'm like really late to the party, "Mad Men," Dallas told TV Fanatic.

Before giving his choices, Dallas said he has not watched TV in about four months although he has watched lots of TV before. 

"So that's going to be my next thing that I get into, once I can get into some kind of a rhythm and turn on the television and sit down and watch something for an hour," Dallas added.

Aside from "Once Upon A Time," which is currently on its fourth season, Dallas also has other projects coming up.

"Twenty-two 22 episodes of an hour long network drama, that's all I've got in me right now until April," Dallas said. "That and a new baby."

Dallas and wife Goodwin, who also is his "Once Upon A Time" co-star, have one son named Oliver who was born in May.

As an actor, Dallas believes it is an interesting exercise "to see what comes up in real life and using that in the script in the storytelling of 'Once Upon A Time.'"  

"Art imitating life! I have babies at home and babies at work. It is interesting," the actor told TV Guide.

In the fourth season premiere of "Once Upon A Time" on Oct. 5, Sunday, Dallas appeared with the character baby Neal, who he clarified was not his baby with Goodwin.

"Oliver will not be making an appearance on 'Once Upon A Time.' It's important for us to separate real life from TV life so he won't be on the show," Dallas told Hit Fix.