Halloween Costume Ideas: 10 Sexy Scary Femme Fatales For Sinister Inspiration

OK so it may be a little early, but Halloween will be here before you even know it! Why wait until the last minute to think of an awesome and unique costume idea?

Considering soemthing sexy, yet sinister? Why not choose the classic vixen that is the femme fatale?

We love the idea of a femme fatale. Part alluring, part dangerous, try this forbidden fruit fierceness on for size and choose from our personal favorites:

Catherine Tramell, better known as actress Sharon Stone was a best-selling author and suspected ice pick killer in the film Basic Instinct. This super sexy villain even had the lead police detective under her creepy little spell. Steal her look with a slicked-back ponytail, white dress and heels, and of course her weapon of choice.

O-ren Ishii, played by actress Lucy Lui in Kill Bill is great bad girl. This expertly trained female assasin was flawless as she instructed her possee of the Cray 88's to attack and take out the masses. All you need aside from a white kimono or robe and double swords is a soft updo with neutral makeup that plays up the eyes.

Cersei Lannister, played by phenomenal actress Lena Headey on Game of Thrones is proof that royalty can be truly sinister. A super long wavy blonde wig with the regal garb of the day, an evil stare, and of course a knife dripping with the blood of your latest prey, is just what your costume needs to scream 'all hail the queen!' 

Maleficent, played by Angelina Jolie is a scary new take on the classic Sleeping Beauty. Come over to the dark side and sport the look of a scorned queen.  Now with this look, you'll need to contour the heck out of your cheekbones for the same spooky, hollowed out look. And even a bad girl knows never to go without red lipstick.

And if you're looking to tap into your innder badass, why not look to Gail from the movie Sin City, played by actress Rosario Dawson? Play the role of a sexy enforcer and use it as the perfect excuse to go crazy dark with the ultimate smoky eye! A fauxhawk with a voluminous pompadour sets this look on the perfectly wrong path.

Found your inspiration for Halloween this year? Look out for our next five picks tomorrow!

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