Debbie Gibson Opens Up About Her Lyme Disease Diagnosis; Reveals It Was Challenging But Is Now In Recovery

Debbie Gibson has confirmed she is currently in recovery after being diagnosed with Lyme Disease last year.

The 44-year-old star recently sat down with People Magazine to talk about her previous diagnosis and how it changed her life.

"My back kept going out. I couldn't lift my head sometimes. My boyfriend said I was mixing up words in my texts. It really got into my cognitive skills. I took crazy amounts of antibiotics, including doxycycline. It killed so much stuff in my body that I became a shell of myself," she said.

Gibson is currently pain-free for the first time in months, the same publication noted.

"This is my first pain-free month. My strength has really come back. I've put on about 12-15 lbs. Before, I couldn't ride my bike. I could hardly walk. Now I can. I went to yoga for the first time a month ago. I'm someone who has spent my life dancing and working out, and I wasn't able to do it with this disease," she explained.

A few months ago, Gibson had an interview with ABC News where she also dished on her illness.

"Last year, I was diagnosed with Lyme disease. It is an elusive disease that disguises itself as many other things and creates a lot of pain and discomfort along the way," she wrote on her blog.

Talking about her sudden weight loss due to the disease back then, Gibson lamented, "I would come across comments about my weight and appearance. Some were just plain mean and ignorant. I want to urge you all... NEVER JUDGE.... ANYONE! You never know what someone is going through!"

So what helped her deal with the disease? The hit maker revealed that she found solutions for her disease other than the traditional ones available, Newsday noted.

"But you have to figure out what works for yourself and your body. But the one thing I've learned is that there's definitely light at the end of the tunnel," she urged.

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