Back To School Beauty: How To Get Rid of Summer Acne & Breakouts For A Healthy Fall Glow Part 2

Harsh UV rays, long late nights, and lazy beauty habits; your poor skin went through one tough summer! 

With fall well on the way, it's time to prepare for the transition ahead. Check out our skin care tips and budget-friendly buys for healthier skin, unclogged pores, and minimal breakouts for straight A's in skin care.

If you missed Part One, click here!

Go for the Glow.  Command attention and with skin (and lips) that glow. The secret? Hydration and SPF! Try our A+ picks:

Supergoop! Fusion Lip Balm SPF 30+ ($9) because Chapstick is so last decade. Supergoop is the new kid on the block that promises a smooth finish. The Body Shop Honey Bronze Shimmer Lip Balm ($12) layers on shimmer so your lips looks fancy for your study date.

Ambi Clear & Even Daily Moisturizer SPF 30 ($11) is the all day and overnight skin-clearing, glow-boosting, sensation for your beauty army. 

Buckle Down at Bedtime. Nighttime is the right time for extra lovin'...for your skin that is! Change your pillowcase regularly to prevent dirt and oil build up returning to your pores. Meet your new cuddle buddies:

DermOrganic Pure Argan Oil ($36) is the key to an honest to goodness "I Woke Up Like This" skin selfie. The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil ($10) visibly reduces acne while you sleep and the scent is a soothing lullaby.

Neutrogena Naturals Nourishing Night Cream ($13) contains vitamins and bionutrients to prep your skin for the incoming cold weather-bye bye dryness. First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Overnight Mask ($38) is a great a nighttime mask in case your only free time is sleep time.

Remember, don't skip out on do-it-all skincare because you're "too busy." This cheat sheet of products is all you need!

Picking any of these picks up? Tell us with a note below!

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