The 30-Minute Facelift: Choose From A Menu of Express Beauty & Skin Care Treatments For Busy Women On The Go

No free time? You're not alone. Many busy women are now opting for express beauty treatments, which can often happen during your lunch break.

With the concept of the "In a New York minute" as inspiration, Board Certified Surgeon, Dr. Yan Trokel has created a menu of signature express treatments. Some of his clients even have several treatments performed simultaneously from his menu of express treatments to cater to their busy schedules.

We spoke with Dr. Trokel to get the full speedy scoop:

So Dr. Trokel, what are express beauty treatments?

They are treatments that deliver effective and dramatically beautifying results in less time and with little or no downtime. The best option for people with busy schedules and little to no time to pamper themselves.

Why have these types of procedures become so popular?

Peoples' busy lifestyles calls for the need of such treatments coupled with modern advancements in aesthetic procedures to make that possible and painless.

Is it possible to get an effective treatment in such short amount of time?

Yes! Speed does not take away satisfaction. These innovative procedures do produce effective results, notwithstanding the express factor that people absolutely love.

What is the most popular express beauty treatment?

In lieu of a traditional surgical facelift, the revolutionary Y LIFT procedure - a unique 'lunch-time facelift' renders instantaneously dramatic results in the cheekbone region undereye area and jawline with practically no downtime in less than 30 minutes.

The chYnjection is an instant jawline rejuvenation procedure which under 15 minutes contours and reshapes the chin and jawline. And the skYnjection is the instant skin revitalizer which tightens and rejuvenates the skin.

Do any men come in for treatments? Who is the ideal patient age and skin type wise?

Express treatments such as the Y LIFT and Botox are very popular with men primarily because men like the quick and discreet aspect of the experience providing the luxury of returning back to work without anyone noticing they had anything done.

Any tips for women looking for an express beauty service?

Cutting-edge aesthetic clinics such as Y LIFT offer the latest advancements in surgical, non-surgical, and laser services. Visit website for information:

Check out the amazing results of this face lfit alternative below:

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