Jimmy Fallon Celebrates 40th Birthday On 'The Tonight Show'; Celebrity Pals Seth Rogen, James Franco Surprise Him On Show

Actors Seth Rogen and James Franco had a little something up their sleeves for Jimmy Fallon's 40th birthday, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

On Friday, the host of "The Tonight Show" got the surprise of his life when his two actor friends popped out of a cake shirtless. The second surprise of the night was Stevie Wonder coming out from backstage to perform a birthday song for Fallon.

The host, who mentioned earlier in the week that he will have a special mystery guest for his birthday, opened the show with his monologue, in which he joked about the people and events in the latest news. Then, he welcomed his audience to the show, telling them that it's his 40th birthday.

"Today, I will do what I do every year on my birthday. Make a list of people who cross me," Fallon said, according to Liberty Voice.

Then, midway through the show, a giant cake was rolled out, and Rogen and Franco popped out half-naked. Rogen, however, told Fallon that they're not the real mystery guest, and then went on to introduce Stevie Wonder.

"That was the best birthday I've ever had," Fallon said after the commercial break. "Seth and James Franco wanted me to tell you they're available for bachelorette parties and bar mitzvahs."

The show's official guest, James Spader, gave Fallon a hardbound book for his birthday. The two then talked about Spader's stint as Ultron in "Avengers: Age of Ultron," as well as his Comic Con experience.

"I spend my life going to all sorts of live musical performance, like rock and Jazz; but Comic Con is like all anticipation, all anticipatory, three days of foreplay. At the very end, nothing happens," Spader said.

Stevie Wonder came on next and told Fallon that it was also his brother's birthday, and then the two jammed together while Stevie played on the harmonica.

"That's a chromatic harmonica, one of the hardest to play. I bought one once, and just wasted my money," Fallon admitted.

The late night show host ended his birthday episode by handing out plates of cake and ice cream to the audience. 

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