Razor Burn On Face & Neck That Won't Go Away: How To Treat Skin After Shaving Part 2

Razor bumps and razor burn breakouts affecting your man?

There's nothing worse than going in for a kiss and feeling the prickly and bumpy effects of a bad shave!

"Shaving is still a daily chore for approximately 71 million American men," Kyle Schroeder, co-founder and managing partner of Cremo Company, LLC, maker of Cremo Shave Cream told us before giving us tips on how to help men everywhere.

Turns out that many men after choosing their shaving products and settling on a regimen, don't make adjustments to help their skin, even when bumps and burns start to flare up.

"Most people with shaving issues experiment with different razors, but they don't consider what small changes in their routine, shaving technique, or shaving cream could do to stop nicks, cuts, red bumps and razor burn," Schroeder explained.

Check out Part One of Schroeder's tips here and then read up on the rest below.

To help problem shavers get a closer, more comfortable shave, Schroeder offers key advice:

Use Real Cream. If it comes in a can, it's not shaving cream. It is shaving foam or gel. Real shaving creams come in tubes or tubs. Looking at shaving foams or gels under powerful magnification reveals why they expand in a shaver's hand: air bubbles.

Shaving with a thick layer of fluffy, air-filled foam or gel between the blade and skin reduces traction and makes a close, nick-free shave hard to get. Kick the can to the curb. Get real shaving cream.

Prefer Slick to Frothy. When shaving a trouble area like the Adam's apple, the corners of the mouth, or a patch of acne, the more the razor glides along and less skin foam obscures, the better the shave.

Choose a shaving cream with less lather and more slickness.

Go Glycerin-Free. Use a shaving cream without glycerin. Glycerin is a moisturizer found in some shaving foams, gels and creams. It is undesirable in a shaving cream because it is sticky.

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