Apple Quietly Says Goodbye To The iPod Classic

Only days after Apple unveiled its latest iPhone 6 smartphones and wearable device, the Cupertino-based tech giant quietly killed off its other great innovation, the iPod Classic, Belfast Telegraph reported.

Apple did not release any formal announcements or conducted a farewell ceremony for the portable music player, instead, the company simply took down the webpage for the device.

Tech aficionados and fans of the iPod Classic took to Twitter to announce and at the same time say goodbye to the revolutionary Apple product.

The iPod classic is finally dead. RIP little iPod," Christina Warren, Mashable's senior tech analyst posted.

"You made Apple, changed the way we listen to music, and are one of my top favorite gadgets," she added.

Patrick Ness, the author of "The Crane Wife" criticized the company for its decision to phase out the device, according to Independent.

"Apple introduced a phone with the same crappy battery, a wristwatch no one wants and killed the iPod Classic. Why do you like them again?" he posted.

The first generation iPod Classic, which was first unveiled to the public in 2001, has a storage capacity of 160 GB. This allowed users to store as much as 40,000 songs into a single, pocket-sized device, Telegraph reported.

In addition, the latest version of the device is the last Apple product that used the click-wheel. The feature replaced a panel of switches with a track wheel and four buttons. The simplistic nature of the click-wheel became an instant hit for both music lovers and tech aficionados.

"Goodnight, sweet click-wheel," online indie music magazine Pitchfork tweeted.

Even though Apple did not organize a type of retirement party for the iPod Classic, chief executive Tim Cook paid tribute to the device during the Sept.9 event.

"It turns out, with every revolutionary product Apple has created, a breakthrough in user-interface was required," he said. "With the Mac, we introduced the mouse. The click-wheel on the iPod. And with iPhone, multi-touch gave us the ability to interact with a beautiful canvas of photos or video or music."

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