After the sixth season of "Sons of Anarchy" ended with events that left viewers in a state of shock, the show continues to give surprising twists to its new season, as shown in its season premiere episode, reports MTV News.

On its final season premiere entitled "Black Widower," "Sons of Anarchy" continues where things left off in Season 6.

The premiere episode began by showing what is happening in Charming almost two weeks after the brutal murder of Tara.

The opening montage shows the lives of some of the main characters: Gemma, Tara's killer, is taking care of her grandchildren; Juice is alone and naked; Wendy gets out of rehab; Wayne Unsur brings flowers to Tara's grave.

Tara's husband, Jax, is in prison on a parole violation. He is shown carving markings on a prisoner's stomach, and pulling out the prisoner's teeth with his own hands in order to impress and befriend Ron Tully, the head of the prison's Aryan Brotherhood.

After giving the prisoner's teeth to Tully, Jax earned his support, with the condition that the "Sons" would also grant a favor to Tully afterwards.

Later on, Jax was released from the prison, according to International Business Times.

Aside from Juice, no one knows that it was Gemma who killed Tara. Gemma had no trouble hiding her secret to Jax, since she thinks that confessing the crime would make Jax lose more.

"If Jax finds out, not only will he have lost a wife, but he'll lose his mother, and Abel and Thomas will grow up never knowing the love of a strong woman," Gemma explained to Juice.

"I'm the only thread holding this family together. This ain't about protecting you and me. It's about protecting Jax and those boys. That's how I look Jax in the eyes. That's how I talk to him about Tara. Because as selfish as it seems, keeping our truth away from him is the right thing to do," she added.

With all that happened, Gemma seems to be on the brink of going crazy, according to MTV News. Before the episode ends, Gemma even speaks with the dead Tara.

"Sorry about the Wendy of it all. I didn't see that s-t coming. I actually kind of believe her. I don't think she's trying to replace you, or me. Probably be good for them boys having her around. I trust her. For now," Gemma said while washing dishes.

Juice, the person who helped Gemma cover up the death of Tara, has been identified by Jax as a traitor to the club. He has not been seen since the night Tara was murdered, and only Gemma knows that he is living in the abandoned apartment of Wendy Case, the former wife of Jax. In the premiere episode, he was last seen pointing a gun to Unser, who discovered Juice's whereabouts.

Meanwhile, Gemma convinced Jax that the Lin Triad is responsible for Tara's death by saying she saw a Chinese man left the house after Tara was murdered. Jax eventually looks for the man and captures him.

To the tune of Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody," Jax tortures the man by slicing him into pieces and rubbing salt to the man's wounds, and as the song is about to end, he plunges a carving fork into the man's head-just like how Tara was killed in Season 6.

With the premiere episode airing, the seventh and final season of "Sons" is expected to be bloody and full of twists, according to Entertainment Weekly.

"Sons of Anarchy" airs on FX every Tuesdays.