Apple Unveils its Wearable Device: the Apple Watch

Apple announced its wearable device, named "Apple Watch", during its big event Tuesday at Cupertino, California, reports USA Today.

Apple CEO Tim Cook invoked a famous line from the late Steve Jobs, saying "We have one more thing," before making the announcement about the Apple Watch, which he called "the most personal device" the company has ever created.

The new Apple Watch contains plenty of features that tie in with fitness, including an accelerometer, gyroscopes, and sensors to monitor heart rates, with GPS data and Wi-Fi being patched through via your smartphone.

Apple Watch also features a customized alloy, stainless-steel build with customizable options, reports Re/Code. The face has a square design with rounded edges, containing a scrollable touchscreen and a button that Tim Cook calls a "digital crown" (which also functions as a home screen button) on the side.

This "long-rumored smartwatch marks the company's first step into the wearable technology market, a relatively new category of devices that has seen mixed success over the past couple years," writes Lauren Goode of Re/Code.

"Apple is not without plenty of competition. But as I've written before, the company is incredibly well-positioned to produce a consumer-friendly device that comes with robust tech capabilities while not looking like a total-geek watch," she adds in her article.

The Apple Watch will be customizable with different optional styles of bands as well as colors. At the moment, there are six different bands available for the consumer, including metal and leather options, says Daily Tech.

The wearable device will also come in two different sizes, with each size further catalogued into three "collections". The Apple Watch Sport will come in an aluminum casing, the Apple Watch Edition in 24k gold housing, and the regular Apple Watch will be available in stainless steel.

The watch's display screen will be turned off by default to save battery life, but is enabled to turn on once the wearer raises his wrist to view the time or do an action.

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