Get The Runway Look: How To Walk Like A Model With Perfect Posture Part 2

Ready to walk like a professional model? It all starts with having perfect posture. Seeing the pros do it throughout fashion week, we decided to chat with a certified posture expert to learn what it takes to sit up stright with the best of them. Read Part One here.

Check out what Dr. Kenneth Hansraj, spine specialist and author of Keys to an Amazing Life: Secrets of the Cervical Spine, had to share with us:

Dr. Hansraj, what else does having good posture do for our bodies?

Regardless of shape and size, we can always observe someone feeling good and doing well because they immediately assume good posture. Proper posture a person gives off a feeling of confidence and is certainly more attractive.

Any types of clothing, furniture, or office chairs to avoid for good posture?

We spend approximately 2000 hours a year sitting in a chair at work. It would be worth the investment to get an ergonomic chair that properly supports your back and it's curvatures. Remember that in proper posture your spine is in its most efficient position. The spine sees the least stress. Therefore you are feeling better, able to have a better day and a better life.

Celebs with the best posture would have to be....

Salma Hayek who maximizes her small frame with perfect posture,

Nicole Kidman whose holds her statuesque figure upright so elegantly,

and Halle Berry has great posture that always helps to give her such presence on the red carpet.

Celebs with the worst posture would have to be... 

Miley Cyrus, is definitely one. However is hard to say if she actually has poor posture, or if she is just striking a "cool" pose for the red carpet.

It seems like perfect posture is out, and rounded shoulders and spines are in. Another poor posture offender is actress Emma Watson. 

This could pose a serious problem for them down the line - today's slouching trendsetters could be tomorrow's spine care patients. Poor posture puts a strain on the spine and its supporting muscles and ligaments.

And I'd have to say Gweneth Paltrow is another frequent sloucher.

Muscles adapt to a sloucher's round-shouldered position, resulting in chest muscles that are short and tight, and back muscles that are stretched and weak. This could result in an irreversible "hunch back" along with other serious health problems.

Read Part Three tomorrow, where Dr. Hanraj gives tips on how to improve posture to get your own spine runway ready.

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