"Witches of East End" star Jenna Dewan-Tatum is a proud mom to Channing Tatum's little angel Everly, but it seems that motherhood is wearing her out.

In an interview with Us Weekly at the finale of "So You Think You Can Dance" on Wednesday, the 33-year-old television actress gushed about her 15-month-old baby girl.

"Oh gosh! That girl is moving and shaking everywhere she goes," Dewan-Tatum said of her daughter to "Magic Mike XXL" star Channing Tatum, whom she met on the set of their dance movie "Step Up" in 2006.

The television and film actress then revealed that her daughter also likes dancing as much as her parents' do.

"We put on music and have dance parties," Dewan-Tatum said, adding, "She's such a riot. She wears me out. I'm like, 'Workout? What do you mean workout? I chase around my baby all day!'"

Additionally, the "Tamara" star also took the opportunity to share how thankful she is that she has a very supportive husband, who just loves to watch their little princess every time she's away for work, reported TV3.

"He's amazing. He's a loving, loving dad for sure," the brunette beauty praised her 34-year-old spouse.

In terms of being a wife and a mother, Dewan-Tatum said that she's pretty hands-on.

"I cook a lot for all of us," she said. "i try to be healthy. Everly's still a vegetarian so I cook a lot of healthy dishes for her and find recipes online. It's just about eating well and balance. Life in balance."

While Dewan-Tatum's cooking may have explained the little weight gain of her husband in the recent months, Channing surprised everyone this week when he was spotted looking all ripped and right back into shape as he walked the Los Angeles streets after a hefty workout at the gym, noted Daily Mail.

The "22 Jump Street" star's intense workout is said to be part of his preparations for the filming of the "Magic Mike" sequel that began this week.