Throwback Thursday: Classic Beauty, Chaka Khan

This week we honor classic beauty Chaka Khan.

A free spirited songstress, this iconic diva has won a whopping 10 Grammys and has a career that has spanned well over four decades.

A Chicago native with a voice that is among the most recognizable, Khan also has one of the most signature looks many have come to love her for.

Chaka Khan has one of the most epic crowns of natural hair. Her look has inspired many women to toss the perm and rock their natural texture and celebrate their tresses.

Ironically, Khan wasn't even aware of the impact her look has had on so many of her fans. In an interview with blogger Curly Nikki, the legendary star talked about how her fro came to fruition.

"I was wearing a perm when I was 15 or 16, which was also around the time the Afros came out," Khan said. "I remember, I cut all of the perm out and wore a short 'fro for a long time. I wore it for years before growing it out."

While some would rather long hair, Khan proved that short hair is where it's at, and the star isn't at alla frid to change things up.

"I loved it. That's how I wore it on my first album cover with Rufus. Since then, throughout my career, I've experimented with a thousand colors and a thousand styles... everything from microbraids to blow outs. I've done it all, Khan explained.

Who would have thought that an iconic star would be as low maintenance as the one and only Chaka Khan. This self-professed "wash and wear kinda girl" isn't fussy about her locks. Her only rule is, the bigger the better!

"Sometimes I'll go for a straighter look, but I really don't like straight hair on me, it's not my favorite hair at all," Khan explained. "I find it... unlikely [laughter]. I like a lot of hair. I'm about the wild things."

Would you believe the star has even taken a spray bottle of water and added it to a freshly pressed crown of super straightened hair just after her stylist finished?

"For me, it's the wilder the better. I love big hair! I don't like the coiffed look. I'm not a coif hair girl. I don't like to look neat like I just walked out of the beauty shop!"

Gotta love this beauty rebel! Check out the fun hair and makeup tutorial video below inspired by Chaka and let us know what you think with a note below!

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