"Anaconda" singer Nicki Minaj suffered a wardrobe malfunction on Sunday night's MTV Video Music Awards, during her performance of "Bang Bang" with Ariana Grande and Jessie J.

Minaj, opted to change into a black dress for her performance but did not make it on time. As such, she had to battle through her performance - rapping and singing - while carefully hugging the front side of the dress that gave away too much of her skin, according to US Weekly.

Fans of Minaj took their thoughts to Twitter following the "Pills N Potions" singer's untimely wardrobe mishap.

Twitter user @si960916 wrote, "#VMAs #NickiMinaj Ive just watched nicki doing bang bang and damn she didn't have enough clothes pins to hold her clothes!!"

Twitter user @AmeRouge tweeted, "One moment #NickiMinaj is almost naked "performing" Anaconda and the next moment she is wearing a dress with zipper malfunction haha #VMAs."

Another person @Laurenza_Gina wrote, "Nicki Minaj makes me never want to stop squatting #vms #Anaconda #NickiMinaj."

Twitter user @Latashatx1 added, "#VMAs During her performance of 'Bang Bang' at appears that Minaj's dress just bust open mid-song. #NickiMinaj."

Meanwhile, British singer Rita Ora didn't look the least bit impressed with Minaj's much talked about "Anaconda" performance at the MTV Video Music Awards.

On Sunday, the up and rising singer's facial reaction to Minaj's performance immediately went viral on various social media channels, News.co.au reported.

Ora's face looked like she was both stunned and scared of what was to come of Minaj's opening show act. The latter of course gave an all-out performance of her newest song "Anaconda" which was released last week.

Minaj wore a green anaconda inspired suit that glittered and shone with her every twerking move that night.

Twitter user @ryanbroderick posted a photo of Ora's reaction and wrote, "Rita Ora was not prepared for Nicki Minaj's butt."