Alex Hutchinson and Mark Thomspon, the respective creative and narrative directors of "Far Cry 4" said the Nepal's turbulent history inspired the development of the video game, according to the PlayStation Blog.

Since the game is set in the Himalayas, the two traveled to Nepal to study the environment and develop ideas for "Far Cry 4."

According to the two, Nepal's ten-year long civil war is the perfect setting for the game.

The civil war occurred between government forces and the Communist Party of Nepal. It lasted from 1996 to 2006 and left more the 15,000 people dead.

"We needed to find somewhere that had a history of conflict - somewhere that could be ppolitically unstable - the kind of place that you would go to that was on the edge of the map," Thompson said.

"Places that are referred to as 'failed states,'" he added.

Aside from studying Nepal's environment, Thompson and Hutchinson interviewed people who experienced the civil war. Although their initial intention was to gather ideas for the game, learning about the experience of the people affected them deeply, IGN reported.

"When you come face-to-face with another human who has been through conflict, it makes you think about things a little differently," Thomspon said. "You think very seriously about what the conflict is and how you're going to be inspired by that to make a good game."

The developers added that the original plan for the game was to incorporate elements from the country's civil war. The historical event was supposed to establish who the protagonists and antagonists are in the game.

But after speaking with the survivors of the war, Hutchinson and Thompson started to think differently about the theme of the game, according to Cinema Blend.

"Before we went to Nepal we were definitely more earnest," Thompson said. "We were very focused on the Nepalese civil war, and what we had in terms of good versus evil was very much inspired by that."

"In Nepal I was talking to people who had been child soldiers in a conflict to save their own country, and we didn't want to misrepresent that," he added.

"Far Cry 4" will debut on Nov. 18 of this year and will be available for the PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One and Xbox 360.