Marvel’s Kevin Feige Says Fans Want ‘Captain Marvel’ And ‘Black Panther’ Films

Kevin Feige, president of Marvel Studios, said that due to fans clamoring for a "Black Panther" and "Captain Marvel" films, the entertainment company is considering moving forward with those projects, IGN reported.

In the comic book universe, the Black Panther is a ceremonial title given to the leader of the Panther Tribe of the African nation of Wakanda. Those who carry the title develop superhuman abilities as well as various supernatural powers, according to Business Week.

As for the other superhero, Marvel Comics have numerous Captain Marvel characters. The first is Captain Mar-Vell, a military officer from another planet who was assigned to look after Earth.

The next Captain Marvel is Monica Rambeau, a police officer from New Orleans who has the power to transform herself into different forms of energy.

Another character bearing the same superhero name is Genis-Vell, the genetically-engineered son of Mar-Vell.

According to Feige, Marvel Studios is very fond of these characters. The studio head also revealed that the company has started developing their respective stories for future film projects.

"They're both characters that we like, that development work has been done on and is continuing to be done on," he said.

Feige added that fans of the company are more interested in the development of "Black Panther" and "Captain Marvel" than the studio's other well-established franchises.

"Certainly, the's the question I get asked more than anything else," he explained. "More than 'Iron Man 4,' more than 'Avengers 3.' And that's sort of the first time that's really happened to us, so I think that makes a difference."

"I think that's something that we have to pay attention to," he added.

Feige noted that Marvel will still be in control of its future projects, even though fans seem to dictate what the company should do next. However, this does not necessarily mean that the studio will ignore what the public wants, Screen Rant reported.

"You know I've always said that we have our plan and it's served us very well, and there hasn't been anything that has made us deviate or change based on an opinion, because opinions online change," he said.

"They alter and are based on limited information that they have as to what's going on behind the scenes," he added.  "But in this particular case, I think it is a groundswell, and I think it means something substantial."

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