This week we honor classic beauty, Lauren Bacall.

Having recently asked away just last week, the world is both morning and celebrating the famed career of this Hollywood legend. Born in New York City, this native Bronx girl became a hug part of Tinseltown's Golden Age.

Bacall. Began her career as a fashion model. Her beautifully chiseled looks landed her the cover of Harper's Bazaar magazine, where she caught the eye of a Hollywood scout. The beauty was soon flown out to California for a screen test, where she would soon sign a contract deal that would launch her as an actress.

Bacall was both beautiful and clever in her ability to turn on the sultry and the sexy. The actress was in fact encouraged to speak in her deepest, raspiest voice for added sensual appeal on screen. It is said she was even given voice lessons to train herself to speak a whole octave lower.

While very much a femme fatale, Bacall brought men to their knees while she was dressed in smart tailored suits and super chic attire.

Redefining what it meant to be a sex symbol, Bacall kept her look minimal, but iconically original with a signature swag all her own.

To be inspired by Bacall's hair and makeup is to go timeless and sophisticated with your look. Her skin revealed very minimal makeup, with major emphasis always given to a super sultry cherry red pout. Recreate the look with matte foundation, setting powder, and your boldest fire engine rouge.

Hair was kept tasteful, yet oh-so tantalizing. With a tired and true shoulder length bob, Bacall added the Hollywood glam of the 1940's to he look with a gorgeously soft rip curl. Use large rollers to get the same volume as this vixen and brush them out for camera-worthy movement,

Check out the fun tutorial below and let us know what you think with a note!