The perfect blowout always seems so unattainable. The perfect blend of heat, tools, and technique never seem to combine in the right way. Just what is it that we seem to be doing wrong?

Leave it to David Babaii to correct our blow-drying mistakes. When in doubt, simply ask a hair care guru! Babaii is a partner of Blo Blow Dry Bars and has worked on the famous celeb crown of Gwyneth Paltrow.

In our three part series, Babaii has offered his top tips on how to not only get a great blow out, but also how to make it last longer.

Check out his last set of suggestions below to help you get salon quality results right at home. If you missed the forst to sets of tips, check 'em out here in Part One and Part Two:

Less is More. Babaii says whatever you do, do not over use products in-between blow outs.

"This causes the hair to not only weigh itself down, but the build-up soils your hair and scalp quicker," he warned.

Don't Get Handsy. "Try not to run your fingers through your hair or play with it when bored," the expert instructed. 

"This increases stimulation to the scalp for unwanted oil and also the day-to-day soot on our hands that we come into contact with will add some unwanted germs." 

Dress it Up. If you wish to change your style in-between blow outs, accessories are always the easiest and fastest way to make simple alterations. "A headband, decorative pins and clips plus great hair ties can do the trick," Babaii suggested. 

"Try putting your hair to one side, in a ponytail or creating a faux bob. All these styles will still help to maintain your original blow out.

What's tip from Babaii is your favorite for a great blowout? Tell us with a note below!