"The Big Bang Theory" characters Leonard and Penny played by Johnny Galecki and Kaley Cuoco-Sweetingare expected by fans to get married in the upcoming eighth season since they got engaged in the seventh season.

While the production of the eighth season was delayed by a contract conflict between CBS and "The Big Bang Theory" lead cast members, details of the upcoming season are already released.

These released details include reports that the anticipated wedding of Leonard and Penny will not happen anytime soon, Ecumenical News has learned.

The whereabouts of Sheldon Cooper played by Jim Parsons will be revealed in the new season after he shared his first kiss with Amy played by Mayim Bialik and left town in the last episode of the previous season.

"I would argue that they do have their own weird brand of happiness right now. That kiss on the train is pretty indicative of that," executive producer Steve Molaro said about Sheldon and Amy.

Stuart played by Kevin Sussman ended up as the caretaker of Mrs. Wolowitz played by Carol Ann Susi and he will still be in the next season.

No new details were given about Raj and Emily played by Kunal Nayyar and Laura Spencer, who had sex in the end of the previous season.

Penny will also give up her acting career and work as a salesperson at the company owned by Bernadette played by Melissa Rauch. This will cause problems between Penny and Leonard.

According to Molaro, "Penny's first goal is to put the date far enough in the future so everyone knows she's not pregnant. A wedding is sometime off in the future. They're not in a rush."

In case Cuoco, who is recently married to Ryan Sweeting, gets pregnant, there could be more changes in the show's plans for the eighth season, according to Enstarz.

Also there will be a new comic book store replacing the burned store in the previous season and Regina King is returning as Janine Davis.

"The Big Bang Theory Season 8" is set to premiere on Sept. 22 , TV Guide reported.