Robert Pattinson has shot to fame since landing the role as sexy vampire Edward Cullen in the "Twilight" movies but the actor has openly admitted that he is terrified of auditions. However, Kristen Stewart's ex-boyfriend revealed that he has found a way to over come his fear, faking it.

According to E! News, during a chat with the U.K. newspaper The Guardian, the 28-year-old British actor explained his phobia.

"The Rover" star said, "I'm quite good at doing meetings," adding, "If I'm just meeting someone about a job, I'm like a dog, especially if my agent's said to me: 'A lot of people want this job.' Then I'm like, 'Oh yeah? Then I will do anything to get it!'"

When asked about his technique Robert Pattinson confessed, "I don't know, I just become a bulls--t artist! That's when I start acting! I'm really much better at doing it when the cameras aren't rolling..."

To land the role of Rey, the brother of a car thief in "The Rover" the actor auditioned for four hours for director David Michôd.

When speaking of the audition Pattinson revealed, "For the first 45 minutes, I had to deal with my own neuroses before I'd do any kind of acting and I think David recognized this and when I let myself calm down I was fine."

The director added, "We would do a take and Robert would go, 'Oh I was so terrible,'" adding, "But he wasn't terrible, he's just very English and very self-deprecating. I knew within five minutes of our four hour audition I'd found the actor to play Ray."

While starring in the "Twilight" films Pattinson became an international heartthrob with the franchise grossing more than $7.7 billion worldwide. However, he told The Guardian that portraying the role of Edward was "probably the hardest part" he's ever played.

"The Rover" made its premiere in the United Kingdom and later opened in the United States with the amount of mixed reviews received, the movie flopped at the box office.