Ashton Kutcher And Mila Kunis Reveal Future Plans After Baby

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis are almost ready to welcome their first child, and now insiders reveal exactly where their lives will go from here! Keep reading to find out what their future holds!

The "Jobs" star allegedly will take a break from acting and focusing on tech projects and his new family.

"Ashton is taking a break from acting," a source told Radar Online. He is so happy that 'Two and a Half Men' is coming to an end and he has no projects planned as far as acting is concerned."

"He is going to focus on his true passion, which is mobile technology. He is a tech nerd at heart."

So far, Kutcher's tech ventures have worked in his favor.

"He's invested over $200 million and it has paid off tremendously for him," the source explained.

We recently learned details behind their big day, which is said to take place next year.

 "The wedding will be next July," an insider told the site. They want to focus on their daughter first and having it next summer seems logical."

Ashton's parents are very traditional and they love Mila," they continued. They got famous together, so she keeps Ashton grounded and vise-versa."

However, do not expect a big extravaganza from these two!

"They won't have a big production but it will be elaborate. The wedding party will consist of the cast of That 70's Show' as they are all very close. They still hang out with the original cast all the time. Most likely Danny Masterson will be the best man because him and Ashton are like brothers." 

As far as more children, Kutcher and Kunis allegedly plan to expand their brood after the wedding.

They both want a large family and want to start on their next kid shortly after they tie the knot. They are soul mates and know that they will be together forever," the insider revealed.

Are you surprised Kutcher will pursue tech projects over acting? How many children do you think they will have? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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