Botox, Juvederm, Fillers, Injectables: How To Know What Works For Face, Wrinkles, Laugh Lines & Crow's Feet

Considering a little dermal filler to make those laugh lines or crow's feet disappear, but not sure which injectables are which? We hear ya!

Thankfully, Dr. Doris Day, renowned dermatologist is here to clear it all up for us:

Dr. Day, are all fillers and injectables the same? 

No two fillers or injectables are the same. They have different properties based on the size of the molecules and the manufacturing process. It's very important to have a trained aesthetic physician who can determine the right product and who knows how to place it in the right plane of the skin. Some products are designed to be used deeper while others are more superficial.

Are there different levels of product quality?

All the products that are FDA approved go through extensive testing and quality control.

What works best to treat wrinkles?

When I analyze the face it's as a single aesthetic unit. I look at every quality from the skin down- from the forehead, to the neck and even the chest. I look for evidence of discoloration/blotchiness, wrinkles, asymmetry, volume loss, bone loss and I determine a complete treatment plan that includes lasers, tightening devices, neuromodulators, fillers as well as skin care.  My goal is never to change how someone looks, but to make them the best versions of themselves.

Are fillers better in certain areas and injectables better for others?

Absolutely. It's very important to see a qualified trained aesthetic physician who understands and has a depth of knowledge and training in all of the available products.

Is it ever safe to mix the two at one injection site?

This is commonly done, but has to be executed by experienced aesthetic physicians.

What tips can you give women looking to try injectables and fillers?

See a trained aesthetic physican and make sure all your questions are answered to your satisfaction before having a treatment. When it comes to cosmetic treatments it's important not to cut corners or price shop- find a dermatologist who gets it and can help you look like the very best version of yourself.

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