It looks like Chord Overstreet's Sam Evans will be back for every episode in "Glee" season 6 which will mark the show's final run.

According to E! News, the actor confirmed the major spoiler while at the premiere of "The Expendables 3" where he was supporting his roommate, Glen Powell.

Although there is plenty of secrecy surrounding the premise and plot of the final season of the Fox hit series, the actor revealed that fans will see plenty of him in 2015 unlike his costar Naya Rivera who will have a reocurring role on the show.

Chord Overstreet told the celebrity news site that he is "back to work in September" for the final 13 episodes adding, "I assume I will be in all of the episodes."

Although he doesn't know much about the upcoming plot he did tease, "I know I am back in Ohio at the school."

This means trouty mouth will be having some interesting conversations with some of McKinley High newcomers. The show is currently casting five new sophomores.

The additional characters will consist of two new Cheerios, who happen to be twins. Mason and Madison are described as both "super-positive and weird," which in turn makes them perfect for the Cheerios.

Although, many assume he is gay, Mason will portray a straight male cheerleader. Joining the twins in the McKinley athletics department will be football stud Spencer who is described as having a voice of magic and is "post-Glee gay."

That means that no one will mess with him because of his sexuality and those who attempt to try will have their butts handed to them.

Following rejection from New Direction's rivals, the Warblers, Jane, the ambitious, unconventionally pretty and drily funny teen will join the glee club.

Rounding out the new cast character additions will be the shy and chubby Roderick who will be the underdog of the club who has a voice like Otis Redding.

Overstreet revealed, "I know the writers are three to four episodes in right now and from what I've heard it's really fun stuff."

"Glee" season 6 is set to air the final 13 episodes midseason on Fox.

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