Victoria Beckham Talks Coordinating Outfits With David Beckham

Power couple Victoria Beckham and David Beckham made headlines in 1999 when they showed up wearing matching leather ensembles for an event. Since then, the former Spice Girl turned fashion designer insists they will never coordinate outfits again.

Beckham is selling over 600 items from her wardrobe, all proceeds benefitting mothers2mothers. She spoke about clearing out her wardrobe and reliving past experiences.

"It brought back a lot of happy memories, like the dress I wore years ago to the MTV awards, which was especially created for me by Dolce & Gabbana," she recalled.

"This was when David and I were co-ordinated because that's what we did in those days. We wouldn't do it now, but it was fine at the time."

"The event was so fun - it was in Los Angeles and I remember getting dressed and how special I felt when I put on the dress."  

We definitely can't forget those matching leather outfits, Beckhams!

The former Posh Spice decided to get involved with mothers2mothers after a visit to South Africa, helmed by Anna Wintour and American Vogue. Beckham met with charity founder Dr. Mitch Besser, who works with HIV-infected mothers to educate them on how to prevent spreading the illness to their babies and keep them healthy.

"After spending just a few days with these remarkable womenand learning more about the charity from Mitch, and his lovely wife Annie Lennox, I wanted to do as much as I could. It really was a life-changing experience; I've never experienced anything like it," Beckham explained.

"I have never met such strong women in my entire life. The work they are doing is nothing short of absolutely remarkable," she continued in Grazia magazine.

We think what Beckham is doing is awesome! Do you agree? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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