Although Blake Lively takes pride in her new lifestyle website Preserve she is more than happy to admit that her husband Ryan Reynolds is very much involved in the launch and has actually been a trusted advisor on the matter

According to E! News, the 26-year-old actress admitted, "He's incredibly involved," adding, "We're involved in everything that the other does. But he's influenced my taste so much on things like home design, things that I never loved before I now love because of him."

Preserve launched a few weeks ago and is a mixture of a digital magazine which features videos and e-commerce.

When speaking of her husband of almost two years Blake Lively confessed that she always consults him before publishing something on the site.

The blonde beauty explained, "There is nothing that goes through that I don't run by him," adding, "On the site, when I'm doing photo kills I'll say, 'What photos do you think? This one or do you think that one?'

"And I love that he challenges me. He's someone that I trust when he challenges me. And sometimes I do what I like more anyway and sometimes I feel that was the right way and then other times I think, 'Oh, shoot I should have gone with those photos or I should have gone with that writer.'

"That's nice," she added. "It's nice to have a partner in everything."

That sweet feeling of companionship may have been the inspiration behind Blake Lively's decision to include a $25 set of two vintages spoons engraved with Mr. and Mrs., Mr. and Mr. or Mrs. and Mrs. for potential customers.

Lively said, "It's important for us to have a space that really feels like it represents everyone and anyone in the most loving way possible."

While Preserve does have some fabulous knick knacks on the site, the former "Gossip Girl" cast member admitted that she and her husband probably won't be using anything from it as gifts to each other for their upcoming second wedding anniversary next month.

"The Age of Adaline" star revealed, "Normally, we make something for each other," adding, "Because that's something that lasts and isn't something you just found and bought in a store."