Vin Diesel opened up about shooting "Fast and the Furious 7" without Paul Walker, his fallen co-star and close friend.

"I grew up in the bouncing world and we lost people bouncing, but the brotherhood in Paul Walker was something completely different," he revealed.

"We grew up in the business together and we became famous together and we represented the biggest franchise together and he was my partner and it's a strange thing I've been acting all my life and they don't teach you in acting how to mourn someone and simultaneously pretend they're in a scene with you. It's one of the darker moments in my journey," Diesel continued.

Walker will appear in part of the upcoming sequel, though his identical brothers will appear as his double in the final scenes. Producers also used old footage and computer simulation to complete the late star's portion.

We recently learned that Iggy Azalea will also have a cameo in "Fast and the Furious 7."

"Iggy Azalea and I just worked together two weeks ago," Diesel said on SkyRock FM.

"I guess you're the first person to know this, we cast her 'Fast and Furious 7.' She had a cameo in it."

Diesel recently opened up about Walker's death while promoting flick "Guardians of the Galaxy."

"It was very personal -- it was the month after the accident happened with my brother Paul Walker and it was the first time I had worked since," he told a fan.

"Although it was challenging, just to get back to work was therapeutic - especially as Groot. There was an innocence about the character that was just refreshing - and it may have been more challenging under other circumstances, but at that time, it was very therapeutic."

We feel just awful for those who were close to Walker. Do you agree? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.