Cody Simpson and Justin Bieber seem to be BFF, and the "Dancing with the Stars" alum stepped in to defend his new friend after the Orlando Bloom incident. Find out what he had to say!

Simpson, who was once rumored to date Kylie Jenner, stopped by Australia's The Morning Show on Thursday.

"Obviously we're all young and he gets himself into some stuff sometimes," he said of Bieber. "He's a person I'd go to for everything. He's like a big brother."

He then added, "He has the world in his hands as he does a lot of good as well. I've got all good things to say."

The two are currently working on a project together, which Simpson shared fun snaps from on his Instagram account.

"It started as one song...we ended up writing 10 or 11 songs in 7 days," the Australian hunk revealed. "We're working on a project at the moment."

Bieber found himself in hot water at Cipriani in Ibiza, Spain, when he taunted Orlando Bloom about his ex Miranda Kerr. Bloom allegedly refused to shake hands with the pop star (the two are not friends, Bieber allegedly contributed to their split), and Bieber said "she was good."

This did not go over well, and the bar erupted in cheers when the "Lord of the Rings" star threw a punch at Selena Gomez's ex.

"They got in each other's faces and there were words," a source told Page Six of the incident. "But they were separated by their entourages."

"When they were back together again, Orlando threw a punch at Bieber," said a source. "He just tried to pop him! The whole place cheered."

Bieber continued to taunt Bloom through his Instagram account, where he shared a picture of the beautiful model Kerr, followed by a picture of the hunky actor crying.

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