17-Year Old Girl Raped At Keith Urban Concert (2014)

A 17-year old fan was allegedly raped by an 18-year old concert goer at Keith Urban's Massachusetts show last week. 46 people were treated for "alcohol-related" illness, while 26 of those were hospitalized.

Sean Murphy, 18, was arrested and charged with rape, though he claims it was consensual. The incident occurred on the lawn of the outdoor amphitheater. Fellow concertgoers watched, some even took video not realizing it was an assault. Police have collected all footage for evidence.

"Officers conducting the investigation were assisted by patrons that had been concerned and took photos and video of the assault on their cellular phones. Those phones are being processed to recover the digital evidence of the assault," the Mansfield Police Department said in a statement.

Murphy had no prior arrest record and bail was set at $10,000, which his parents were expected to come forward with. His attorney released a statement on his behalf.

"Put simply, this was a consensual act, not a sexual assault. There are no allegations of force or violence against him. This was a private act that regrettably occurred in a public place," he told CNN.

"Mr. Murphy deeply regrets this incident and I am sure the young woman does as well. The young woman was neither intoxicated nor overcome by drugs at the time. Mr. Murphy has no criminal history whatsoever."

According to reports, the incident began near a concession stand where the girl and Murphy were kissing, then moved to the lawn where a woman saw them and asked the young girl if she consented. Both parties were intoxicated, and the woman pulled Murphy off the girl when she said no.

He is due back in court September 25.

Mansfield Police Chief Ron Sellon and Fire Chief Neil Boldrighini also commented on the alcohol-related incidents.

"In total, Fire and EMS attended to 46 medicals resulting in 22 transports mostly alcohol-related. The large number of medicals in a shortened time of approximately three hours caused the activation of a phase one EMS plan utilizing ambulances from five mutual aid communities. Police dealt with a steady stream of intoxicated persons as well, resulting in over 50 people being taken into protective custody and a number of others arrested for alcohol-related issues," they stated.

Urban has yet to comment on the incident.

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